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Whatever language you want to use, welcome to my website. I hope you find something of interest here.  If you would like to post anything or get in touch, I would love to hear from you!

I write "romance noire" novels; romance with a difference. So different, in fact, that this is the only place you will find it.  So, what is romance noire? It´s  Romance ... plus intrigue.  Romance ..... plus suspense.  Romance plus .... erotica.  Romance plus ... life. Romance with a twist in the tale.

Romance noire is bitter sweet; not just sweet. Life, not just fantasy.

Above all, my novels are written from the woman´s point of view. My women are strong characters; girls who have taken all life can throw at them, and survived. Women who have lived, and lived to tell the tale.  Women you know; the type of woman you are.

All the books in the romance noire series are historical fiction; why?  Simple. If you and I want to know what´s going on in the world around us, we just have to open a newspaper or watch TV. The past is a closed book. It is different. It is exciting and strange. But between us, we can open the pages of that closed book. See what it was really like. Make it live again.

Won´t you join me in the adventure of Romance Noire? I think you will find it rewarding !