22. Mar, 2016

Oh, Whistle ---

Don´t run, dear.  It´s so very dark, you might trip and injure yourself, and that would never do.  That´s right.  Just…. Walk.  Pretend you can´t hear me. Pretend you don´t know I´m behind you. If you do that, I might not be here. But I am here, aren´t I? Perhaps I can see in the dark much better than you; I saw you stumble just now.  Don’t look back!  That´s the way, just keep on walking.  As if you know where you´re going. As if you´re not lost, at all.  Just keep on walking, and when you realise that you don´t know where you are and that nobody is going to open a door and invite you in, why all you have to do is whistle for me.  Whistle, and I´ll come for you.