13. Apr, 2016

Time flies when you´re having fun...

Good grief, didn´t realise how long it was since I visited! I blame end of year tax returns, social security forms (how am I supposed to know all the addresses I have ever lived at, with dates? I can give you the day i arrived in this world, up to NOW, but inbetween....? Have a heart, guys!) and the fact that I am really getting in to "Oh, Whistle and I´ll Come For You". The most imporant bit, of course.

But here´s a thought for you. I think it was Winston Churchill who said that the UK and USA "were a single nation divided by a common language". Or a fair approximation of that. And I agree with him, 100%.

A friend returned from taking his young daughter to Disneyland USA recently, giggling happily. At one of the many outlets in Disneyland, his daughter had been taken with a display of small items.

"Look, Dad! Look at those cool rubbers!" She exclaimed. A passing American blinked and corrected her.

"Ah, no, little girl. Those aren´t - ah - rubbers. Those are erasers."

"Don´t be silly." Daughter replied. "I know exactly what they are. Dad, can I have one each for everybody in my class at school? We would all be able to swap rubbers every day."

Apparently the helpful American gentleman went off looking horrified.

If you´re English, you´ll be laughing. If you´re American, you´re no doubt wondering why it´s so funny...