25. Jun, 2016


YES!  It´s not too good to be true! From 26th June for FIVE DAYS ONLY, you can download "Sherlock Holmes´Secret Mistress" FOR FREE. Not even buy-one-get-one-free, but a whole 90,000 word (give or take) full length novel for nothing. Nada.

Where´s the catch? There isn´t one.  Of course, I´m hoping if you like this one, you might be persuaded to part with your hard-earned cash for another novel. And that you might - assuming you do like it - take 2 minutes to leave me a good reveiw.  But even if you´re not moved to either buy or review, it still means Sherlock gets moved up the Amazon ratings. You´re happy, I´m happy - only leaves poor old Amazon getting nothing out of the deal. Shame!

Forget the Brexit woes, immerse yourself in a good read for an hour or two!