26. Jul, 2016


No, it´s not a bad dose of midsummer madness. "Inkitt" are running a new promotion - a summer competition where books that achieve 100 FREE downloads are considered for a publishing contract. I know, I already have a publishing contract. I´m feeling greedy; I want another one! I hate marketing my own work; it´s like telling people to buy a bit of myself. PLEASE, give me a break and let a publisher do it for me!

To get your free book downloaded, click on https://www.inkitt.com/stories/romance/75367?ref=a_18aa44aa-1466-4bfb-99bd-5d2caeb41a7e. (If the link is awkward, cut and paste the whole lot into your browser). Once there, click on "Read Now" to read the sample chapters. Or even better, just click the "Get Your Free Copy Button" to have the whole novel delivered to your e-reader or tablet!

This one is strictly for the history fans. 800 years ago, a Spanish princess married Richard the Lionheart, the man she had dreamed of for years. From that moment on, her life was a rollercoast of adventure.

This is the true-life bio-fiction of Berengaria of Navarre, and the King who turned out to be a monster. Fancy having Eleanor of Aquitaine for a mother-in-law? What about getting shipwrecked and held to ransom on your the way to your own wedding? Accompanying your husband to the Crusades? Having your heroic Plantagenet sister-in-law die in your arms? Watching your husband being crowned .... without you? Being Queen of a country you never saw? Being betrayed by your husband, your lover, your friend?

All of this Berengaria endured, and more. Much more.

Click and download while it´s still there! After all, what have you got to loose?

And for all those true medieval buffs out there, I do know that Richard never took Jerusalem from Saladin. But this is a romance, and Berengaria longed to see Jerusalem the Golden. Perhaps in an alternative universe, Jerusalem fell, even if for the shortest time .....