3. Aug, 2016

Some holiday this turned out to be...

This year, I promised myself a holiday. Having been glued to my laptop every day for two years, I decided that this summer I would take 3 months off, and actually enjoy the hot weather. I´ve been the only resident around here as white as a lilly!

But the best laid plans aft go agly (as Robert Burns said. Or at least something similar).  Instead of relaxing, I´ve spent the whole of June and July editing, proof reading and talking about covers for "The Geisha With the Green Eyes". It´s not that I´m not excited about it, trust me, I am! It´s just that the whole experience has been far more intensive than actually writing it in the first place. A bit like being back at school, and working for exams.

However, all done. For the moment, anyway. I´m now looking forward to August, but come September I have several ideas for new novels circulating in my head. I would love to do another Sherlock and Nell. This is pure indulgence, as I really enjoy writing them. Lucky for me you also appear to enjoy reading them. But I also have another couple of ideas rattling about, both with more exotic themes.

Tell me what you would like to see! If I think there´s a book idea in there, I´ll do my best!

In the mean time, have a lovely summer and don´t forget - "The Geisha With Green Eyes" goes live in e-book format and paperback on 16th August!

Here´s a sneak preview of the paperback cover ....