19. Aug, 2016


Well, after 3 months of intensive ediitng, re-writing and checking, "Geisha" is finally out there! I´m not complaining, 3 days from launch it´s already in the Top 100 in it´s category in Amazon.

Thank you!

But on another suject entirely, somebody asked me yesterday what my favourite book was. And i couldn´t given them an answer. It always amazes me that anybody can. I have a list of favourites that goes on for pages, but whichever is the favourite is going to change from day to day, depending on my mood, the weather, what I fancy reading .....

Bill Bryson rarely fails to raise a smile, or for his more serious stuff, deep appreciation. But I don´t want to read him every day (sorry, Bill). I love Dorothy Sayers, but have to be in the mood for her. Likewise James Lee Burke and John Connolly. I enjoy Lee Childs as well, but again, not first choice when I fancy something a little more gentle. Phillipa Gregory? Bring her on. But, perhaps oddly, not Hilary Mantel. I read both her prize winners, but found myself so busy untangling the huge cast of characters that I didn´t actually enjoy them greatly. And I really couldn´t get comfortable with the fact that they were written in the present tense. I´m probably just jealous that she´s sold more books than I´m ever going to, but it´s my reading list, so there! And I might as well admit it, I´ve never been able to get into Harry Potter. Sorry!

Am I missing anything that´s out there? Do tell, and I´ll give it a go!