24. Aug, 2016


This may sound silly coming from a writer, but I wonder why we write as we do?

Thinking about it, very few writers cross genres. Stephen King writes horror; even his Bachman books are very little different. Lee Childs writes Jack Reacher (not complaining - love them!). There are a few who cross the line, but they´re rarely that succesful. Georgette Hayer wrote beautifully crafted Regency romances, but did you know she actually tried to write 2 books per year; one romance and the other a "Golden Age" detective novel. Ever heard of the latter? I´m not surprised, they were very mannered, but not terribly exciting. Agatha Christie also wrote under a different pen name, writing - guess what? Romance! They didn´t work very well either.

And me? Well, when I sit in front of the keyboard what comes out is historical fiction, generally categorised as "women´s fiction". Now, the odd thing is I would love to write a good thriller, or police procedural. That genre actually forms the meat of my reading. But can I? I can´t even begin to try. The plots just aren´t there. The characters refuse to behave themselves.

Weird, isn´t it?