7. Sep, 2016


I have had an awful problem with my Facebook Ads. account - it´s been hijacked by a totally unscrupulous company called KHU TRAVEL. If you get anything from these guys in my name, DELETE IT! It´s not me, I have nothing to do with them. I wish I had never heard of them.

I noticed a lot of actvity on my Facebook account, but never thougth to investigate. Next day, I got a post that made me worry - apparently, I had boosted a post from Khu Travel to advertise sunglasses! That, of course, triggered endless e-mails to Facebook (none of which got through. Why? Because the form I had to complete called for a log in reference. Facebook have suspended my account as they "suspect" I may have been hacked. Because of that, I don´t have an account reference, so I can´t complete the necessary information on the form. Catch 22 has nothing on Facebook!).

So, if you were thinking of travelling to Thailand with KHU Travel (according to Expedia this is their area of expertise) I have one word of advice; do you really trust a company who resort to hacking other people´s accounts to advertise their goods?