10. Sep, 2016

On the road again....

I´ve given in. In spite of the fact that I was going to take at least a month off writing and enjoy the summer this year - and that month turned into 10 days between editing "Geisha" and another project that somehow took over - today, I am going to put fingers to keyboard and start on the sequal to "Geisha with Green Eyes".

It´s still baking hot, still terribly humid, but it´s no good. The words are lining themselves up in my head to the extent that I´m waking up in the middle of the night talking to myself, wondering if that would work? Or would it be better to .....?  All of which is frightening my poor husband half to death. He´s not a great reader, bless him, which makes it all the more astonishing that he puts up with me not listening to him half the time, because a really good sentence has just occured to me and if I don´t write it down, it´ll vanish.

Even our dog is looking resigned; I find taking him for a nice long walk is ideal to sort ideas out, and if anybody hears me muttering to myself (and waving my hands about when I start answering my own questions) I can always say I´m talking to him. Or the cat, who frequently comes with us. On really bad days I have the dog, our cat and our outside cat, all trotting alongside me and totally ignoring me.

What it is to have a totally male household!

Anyway, the sequel may not be what you were expecting, but I do hope you enjoy it. I´m aiming for a finished product to be available early spring next year, God willing.

Speak to you soon,